Hello again everybody.Sachin here.Yes, you read that right.Apple could be experimenting with iPhone’s core design, overhauling it in a way it has never been overhauled before. As a result of patent filings and supplier leaks surfacing over the last few months, including an earlier patent by Apple which demonstrated the concept of bendable phones, Apple could soon introduce a version of the iPhone with a flexible screen.

The images in the patent filing show what appears to be a clamshell form factor, like those used in flip phones, but in this case more similar with the Nintendo 3DS in dimensions. According to Patently Apple, the conductive carbon nanotube paths will allow the iPhone to be bendable and crack-resistant.

According to the patent, the foldable or bendable mechanism of the device is made possible by carbon nanotube structures that may be integrated into signal cables such as flexible printed circuit cables or “rigid flex,” which is a rigid circuit with flexible tails.

The patent states that materials such as plastic, ceramic, glass, metal and fiber components or a combination among these materials could be used to create the bendable smartphone.

If Apple is indeed set to release an iPhone that does exactly what its patent suggests, then it’ll be a remarkable shift in the way Apple has outfitted its flagship phone. Keep in mind, however, that patents, while promising, are also a way for companies to ensure that its ideas won’t be stolen by other manufacturers, and patents should never be foolproof indication that Apple will indeed incorporate the technology in its future products.

What do you think about this move by Apple? Will it be a success? Share your thoughts on our comment section.


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