Hello guys, i am Sushil here.  Today we are going to talk about the bezel less smart phones. Ya so,as the name goes these phones don’t have bezels.There are just curved  edges and that beautiful look that is added to it. 

Now the latest released phone in this category is the MI Mix. This phone is truly bezel less and has that stunning look to it. You can have a look at the phone below.


This phone is truly a beauty as we can see .  This concept has been quite famous already and the point taking up this topic in the blog is that whether it is really worth that and needed.

Now talking about the daily use , that particularly depends on the user. This concept though adds beauty to the phone but it also makes the phone delicate as one can think of , which can be a slight disadvantage for the phone over the other phones .

But this phone has a full ceramic body which is sign of a premium phone. and takes the level of design to another level.nexus2cee_xiaomi-mi-mix-9

It also has a fingerprint sensor on the back.It has a quad core processor with a huge 6.4 inch display . It also packs 4 gb ram with 128 gigabytes of storage which is more than enough for a regular user. It will come with android marshmallow 6.0 in MIUI which is the UI used by Xiaomi.

With a battery capacity of 4400 milliampere hour,it is enough to cover a lets concentrate with the display for which i have written post . 

Now the screen is quite delicate on the corners and can easily be cracked if you drop it or hit it somewhere by mistake. Just the way in this picture it got cracked.mi-mix-display-cracked-drop.png

Now this can easily break the heart of the person using it. It’s beauty gets ruined as soon as it gets damaged in this way. Well and that crack is down the whole upper portion of the screen . So, this phones will limit the usage as those people with rough usage will not be able to have long run with this phone. In many reviews that i have been watching many of the reviewers have got the cracked the phone or it has been cracked by the drop or hit.

This makes it vulnerable and probably the biggest disadvantage over the other phones and also changing or replacing the display is not of course economical for the middle class person . And also this could be a beast for the people who don’t have rough usage .

Don’t get me wrong about these ideas but this feature limits the audience in the market who would rather prefer this phone over the other phones . I seriously don’t  recommend this phone to the rough users and it can be a beauty  for those who can take good care of it as they can use and it can seriously be a beast .

Thank you and let me know about your ideas in the comments section and do follow the blog. I will mention the links to the youtube reviews and some sites and news sites which could help you judging  the phone .



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