Hello folks, i am Sushil here , back with an interesting topic to discuss. Today , i was thinking about the batteries and the power transmission scenario of the gadgets that we use. They require to be charged regularly in order to be used for a long time. As soon as the word charging comes into the discussion , the first thing that comes to mind is wires and cables to connect our gadgets to the power source . 


Here is an idea brought forward which could totally change the way of charging the gadgets and could be revolutionary step that could be too much profitable.


Wireless power transmission has been a dream since the days when Nikola Tesla imagined a world studded with enormous Tesla coils. But aside from advances in recharging electric toothbrushes, wireless power has so far failed to make significant inroads into consumer-level gear.


What is it?

Intel researchers demonstrated a method–based on MIT research–for throwing electricity a distance of a few feet, without wires and without any dangers to bystanders (well, none that they know about yet). Intel calls the technology a “wireless resonant energy link”, and it works by sending a specific, 10-MHz signal through a coil of wire; a similar, nearby coil of wire resonates in tune with the frequency, causing electrons to flow through that coil too. Though the design is primitive, it can light up a 60-watt bulb with 70 percent efficiency.


When is it coming?

Numerous obstacles remain, the first of which is that the Intel project uses alternating current. To charge gadgets, we’d have to see a direct-current version, and the size of the apparatus would have to be considerably smaller. Numerous regulatory hurdles would likely have to be cleared in commercializing such a system, and it would have to be thoroughly vetted for safety concerns.

Assuming those all go reasonably well, such receiving circuitry could be integrated into the back of your laptop screen in roughly the next six to eight years. It would then be a simple matter for your local airport or even Starbucks to embed the companion power transmitters right into the walls so you can get a quick charge without ever opening up your laptop bag.

well this is a concept which would require the type of chargers and the batteries or the type of inputs of the power source but this is a hell of an idea which would have an immense application not only in gadgets but also vehicles . Well i have not invented it but yes, there are cars which run on electricity and could be an good initiative in the industry. To give you an brief image of what i am thinking take a look at this picture.8iiu7So, this is what i have been thinking about the wireless power transmission that could be possible in the near future and also can shape future towards a very interesting direction.

Let me know about your views and ideas about this topic in the comment section and can it be successful in the near future.Do share this post and comment about about your ideas in the comment section .

Thank you guys.


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