Hello guys , today we will have a look at the so called self balancing vehicle bike by BMW . It’s still a concept which the BMW team are striving to make it a reality. 

Well , this is just a bike as other bikes with the essential components and equipment but with enhanced capabilities . And I will also mention that BMW claims that you will never fall off the bike . 

Well,these claims have raised the expectations from audience and has also tricked them into thinking how is it possible . 

Let’s now get to the bike without wasting time and check it out 

So this is the bike that BMW has its concept and its eyes laid on to make IT A reality .

Now there is something which is much more interesting with the bike is that it doesn’t need helmet but a  type of glasses come with the bike which has various new features .

With the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, rider and motorcycle are engaged in a direct exchange. This takes place via the visor, a pair of data glasses comprising the entire field of view with an added wind protection function. The visor enables the motorcycle to stay fully up to date on the route and to project situationally relevant data directly into the rider’s field of view. If the rider looks straight ahead, no data is displayed, so as not to impinge on the riding experience. Only when action is required – for instance in case of hazards – or if the rider requests information, does the visor become active. In this case, the symbol of the digital companion appears in the lower third of the glasses: an upturned triangle forming two horizontal lines. 

This is a truly very great idea and hope it comes true . 

Comment your views and do share the blog 


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