This is no magic trick—it's the real-life television of the future. Panasonic revealed a TV that is indistinguishable from a clear pane of glass when it's not in use. In a few years, your fancy glass cabinets may double as your big-screen television. Panasonic's TV is totally transparent when it's switched off. We've come a … Continue reading TV TOTALLY INVISIBLE WHEN NOT IN USE!!!!


World’s Smallest Magnet

Hello guys. We know magnets very well and about their applications, uses etc. very well. We have seen various size of magnets in life from , the magnets that we use to play to those magnets which are  being used for running the fastest railway network in the world,the maglev trains. Now whats interesting in … Continue reading World’s Smallest Magnet

Ubiquitous Wireless Charging Room

Hey guys , finally the concept of charging the devices at the distance is being put into research and presented in front of you by Disney. A team of scientists at Disney Research (yes, that Disney), have built a gadget-charging, device-powering room that’s safe for humans, their furniture and décor, if perhaps rather ugly. Researchers … Continue reading Ubiquitous Wireless Charging Room