Hello guys.

We know magnets very well and about their applications, uses etc. very well. We have seen various size of magnets in life from , the magnets that we use to play to those magnets which are  being used for running the fastest railway network in the world,the maglev trains.

Now whats interesting in this is that, researchers from IBM have created the world’s smallest magnet only with the help of  a single atom.

Yes, just with the help of just a single atom!!!!!


And surprisingly they have also been able to store data on it . They stored data on the world’s smallest magnet.

One data bit was written by passing an electrical current through a holmium atom freezing its magnetic orientation up or down referring to states 1 or 0. The team used IBM’s Nobel Prize-winning scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to create and monitor the magnets using holmium atoms.

Ironically, today’s hard drives use about 1,00,000 atoms to store a single bit.

For a more practical illustration of the scale, IBM says a system using the tiny magnets could potentially hold the entire iTunes music library —  that’s 35 million songs — on a drive the size of a credit card. How’s that for compression?

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